GBC Guardian


GBC WealthNet is now up and running!

Greenfield Banking Company Investment Management and Trust Services welcomes you to our new on-line account access site!  We think you will be pleased with the enhanced features and your ability to customize your personal viewing of your account.  You can access GBC WealthNet here, or through the same link on the drop-down menu on our home page.

We are providing an instructional video on this page to assist you in navigating GBC WealthNet.  We recommend you view this excellent introductory tool, as it will help you quickly become familiar with all that is available in viewing your account information.   Please feel free to contact us at if you need any further assistance.  We are happy to help you!


Greenfield Banking Company Investment Management is truly a fee-only wealth advisor. We do not sell products and we do not receive any commission fees or kick-backs. We have no affiliations with mutual fund companies, insurance companies, investment managers, broker/dealers or administrative service providers. Our goals are the same as yours our success is linked with your success.

When you open an Investment Management Account with us, we become your institutional investor. Our relationship is defined by your goals, whether investment decisions are made by us or submitted for your approval. Our recommendations represent our independent judgment of the best course of action for your portfolio given your objectives, risk tolerance and the market outlook.

The foundation of our service to you is in investment planning. Planning provides a process for positioning a portfolio for success in a variety of economic environments and financial situations. Portfolio optimization involves an asset allocation plan to diversify investments across a variety of asset categories. This diversification helps control risk & return to maximize the performance of your portfolio.

In order to plan, we first listen. We listen to gain a complete understanding of the objectives for your portfolio, tax situation, income requirements and time frames. Markets change direction, but experience shows that planning and management can help meet every sort of market challenge and opportunity.

As you consider how you want your assets managed today and for the future, Greenfield Banking Company would like to be your partner. We believe that our private ownership and independence enhance our ability to provide unbiased and objective advice putting the client at the heart of our business. Our team of exceptional advisors draws upon research and analysis sources as well as years of experience to successfully manage your money.

Please call us at 317-462-1431 to see what we can do for you.