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Consumer Loans

We offer a variety of loans to individuals for many purposes. Auto, home, construction & overdraft loans, to name a few are all available at Greenfield Banking Company.

Auto Loans

Check with us before you shop. We offer competitive rates on cars, trucks and vans, new and used.

Credit Cards

GBC offers VISA Classic, VISA Gold, and VISA Platinum credit cards, all with very competitive fixed rates. Click here for more information on GBC’s credit cards.


Overdraft Loans

Overdraft loan is a special loan feature, attached to a personal checking account which provides a cash reserve ready to work for you. Credit lines start at $300.


Construction Loans

We offer financing that helps you build your dreams! Our Construction Loan offers financing that is there to help during your building phase.


Mortgage Loans

If you're looking for predictability and a set monthly payment for budgeting, then our fixed-rate mortgage will best meet your needs. Check with us before you do your house hunting.

Click here for our mortgage calculators.


Equiline - Home Equity Loans

Use the equity in your home to authorize your own loan, any time, simply by writing a check. With an Equiline Home Equity Loan, the value you've accumulated in your house goes back to work for you! Use your Home Equity funds for home improvement, consolidate bills, send your child to college or for anything you like.



Try Our Loan Calculators

This calculator can be used for general loans. For example, you could use it to estimate a monthly car payment.
This is a calculator that tells you what your monthly payment will be for your mortgage.
Lease vs. Buy
If you can't decide if buying or leasing is better for you use this calculator to help you decide.
How Much House Can I Afford?
This is a calculator that lets you compute how much house you can afford based on income and debt.
Mortgage Qualifying Income

This calculator will help you determine what income lenders would expect you to have to purchase a house.