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Transform your financial habits to prepare for the future

Greenfield Banking Company can help you in your pre-retirement lifestage to re-allocate your assets, increase IRA contributions or set up an annuity. Please contact our financial advisors for more information.

Here are other ways pre-retirees can enhance their financial position at Greenfield Banking Company:

1. Conserve time, money and paper with our convenient checking accounts with online banking and bill pay and no-charge ATM services

You’ll reduce the time it takes to pay your bills and save on the expense of printed paper checks and postage while helping the environment as well.

  • Silver Advantage Checking – low cost checking with free checks for those 55 and older
  • Super Now Account – Earn interest on your checking account
  • Synergy – Keep a combined balance of $5,000 in a combination of deposit accounts and enjoy extra benefits.


2. Catch up on your IRA or other retirement plan

After age 50, you are qualified to boost your plans with “catch-up” contributions. Contact the financial advisors in our Investment Management and Trust area for more details.


3. Establish an estate plan and/or trust

Greenfield Banking Company's Investment Management &Trust Services can help you plan for the special needs of your children, aging parents or the responsibilities of higher education and more. Our investment professionals can help you in the areas of trust administration and estate planning to grow your assets, save on taxes and protect and manage your property. Click here for more information.

For help determining the best accounts and products for sound and productive money management during your Pre-Retirement Lifestage, please contact us.