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GBC Pocket Banker – Mobile banking solution!

  • Compatible with any Web-enabled mobile phone that supports WAP browsers,
        regardless of make, model or mobile service carrier
  • Supports all account types including checking, certificates of deposit, money
        markets, loans and lines-of-credit.
  • Allows customers to view balances and transaction history, transfer funds and make
  • Can conduct activities that have been set up in Cash Management like originate
        ACH, send wire transfers & pay bills.
  • Sends SMS text messages as confirmation of processed payments
  • Displays event, balance, item and personal alerts
  • Enforces the industry’s highest security standards, including multi-factor
  • Free apps for GBC Pocket Banker are available at Apple and Android app stores.
  • Click here to enroll in Online Banking to set GBC Pocket Banker up for you!