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GBC Art Gallery

Since 1975 Greenfield Banking Company has provided a gallery for Central-Indiana artists to display their work. The gallery was initially located in the bank’s Main Office in downtown Greenfield, IN. In 1999 it was moved to the bank’s new Main Office and is currently located in the second floor lobby at 1920 N State St, Greenfield, IN.

Many artists, young and old have displayed artwork over the years. Their creations include watercolor, oil and acrylic paintings, photographs, textile art, photo essays, pencil drawings and pastels to name a few. Press releases and photographs are distributed to local media to promote each artists show and a large sign at the bank’s entrance directs visitors upstairs to the gallery.

The Art Gallery benefits not only the artists but also the community by making the visual arts more accessible to the local residents. The bank has no commission in the sale of artwork. The gallery is another way Greenfield Banking Company makes a positive contribution to the quality of life in our community.

Greenfield Banking Company’s Art Gallery will feature a selection of artwork from the students of Eastern Hancock High School during March and April.


The School Corporation of Eastern Hancock County currently serves 391 High School Students.  112 of these High School students and approximately 27 8th grade students are enrolled in Art department courses with Art teacher, Jaydene O’Donoghue.


The Art program seeks to give students the opportunity to experience and explore working in many different art media while simultaneously learning Art Appreciation, Art History and Art Theory.  Students oftentimes are under the incorrect assumption that they ‘can’t draw’ or ‘can’t paint’ etc.  It is the Art educator’s responsibility to facilitate an opportunity for a positive experience and knowledge in many areas so that students can make an informed decision about the type of art work they may feel more strongly about working with in possible future more advanced art courses. Eastern Hancock High School currently offers and has students enrolled in AP (Advanced Placement) 2D Design, AP 3D Design and AP Drawing.  Unless the student has been exposed to working with a variety of media, they would not fairly be able to select one area to master.


The pieces displayed in the exhibit cover a sampling of media that students have had the opportunity of working with including ceramic, printmaking, pencil/charcoal drawing, photography, digital design and mixed media pieces.


Featured are several Tempera batik paintings.  This is one of Ms. O’Donoghue’s favorite processes for students to experience.  She learned this from Greenfield’s very own retired Greenfield Junior High School Art Teacher, Sandy Hall.  This is a process of painting thick layers of tempera paint, with chalk lines to act as a resist.  The entire piece is covered in black India ink and then washed off to reveal a vibrant and interestingly textured piece.


O’Donoghue feels much passion about art and it’s role in schools and student’s lives.  The art program strives to share much of the following philosophy:  Art has the role in education of helping children become like themselves instead of more like everyone else.


The public is invited to view the student’s artwork in Greenfield Banking Company’s Art Gallery during March and April, 2014.  The Art Gallery, located on the second floor of the Main Office, 1920 North State Street, Greenfield, IN is open to the public during normal business hours:  M – TH, 9 – 5; Fri, 9 – 6; Sat 9 – Noon.