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Since 1975 Greenfield Banking Company has provided a gallery for Central-Indiana artists to display their work. The gallery was initially located in the bank’s Main Office in downtown Greenfield, IN. In 1999 it was moved to the bank’s new Main Office and is currently located in the second floor lobby at 1920 N State St, Greenfield, IN.

Many artists, young and old have displayed artwork over the years. Their creations include watercolor, oil and acrylic paintings, photographs, textile art, photo essays, pencil drawings and pastels to name a few. Press releases and photographs are distributed to local media to promote each artists show and a large sign at the bank’s entrance directs visitors upstairs to the gallery.

The Art Gallery benefits not only the artists but also the community by making the visual arts more accessible to the local residents. The bank has no commission in the sale of artwork. The gallery is another way Greenfield Banking Company makes a positive contribution to the quality of life in our community.

Rebecca Campbell's Artwork on Display

Rebecca Campbell’s artwork will be on display in Greenfield Banking Company’s Art Gallery during September and October, 2016.

Indiana artist, Rebecca Campbell loves experimenting with the diversity of watercolor, using many different supports to create her work. Yupo paper, rice and mulberry papers, aquabord, and gessoed linen are a few examples. Becky was an artist as a child and enjoyed entering competitions. She attended the Southside Art League Incorporated, in Greenwood, Indiana while mothering 5 children and then enrolled in the Herron/IUPUI art program. Workshops and continuing education courses, as well as self-education on important parts of her journey as an artist.

Recent travels to Taos, New Mexico have inspired her work from the last two years - many painted with the watercolor/batik method.

Becky's work is evolving, as her career as an artist began just a few years ago when she decided to devote her working days to art. Current work revolves around flowers, food, birds, architecture and anything that evokes an admiration for the beauty that surrounds us.

"I started painting very realistically at first, trying my best to make it look just like the subject. One day I realized that this type of work was no longer interesting to me because of the repetition involved in duplicating my photography. I no longer enjoyed copying a scene, or object. I know now that this is not a bad thing, because during that time I was learning how to control the brush, release paint, choose color, and all the things that make a painting worth our interest and emotion. The ability to manage my brush brought confidence in approaching new paintings that expressed more passion for my subject."

"Now that I yearn to paint with passion and guidance from God, I can use those skills to paint with abandon. I enjoy those paintings much more than the carefully planned paintings, and so do my collectors. I am basically just having a blast enjoying myself as an artist. I'm kind of happy that I started at this stage in life because I'm more appreciative of God's gifts and not as concerned about what critics, and other artists think about my work. There is always someone out there that relates to one of my pieces and I love to connect with them when that time arises."

The public is invited to view Rebecca’s artwork in Greenfield Banking Company’s Art Gallery during September and October, 2016.  The Art Gallery, located on the second floor of the Main Office, 1920 North State Street (SR 9), Greenfield, IN is open to the public during normal business hours:  M – Th, 9 – 5; Fri, 9 – 6; Sat, 9 – Noon.