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GBC Guardian

GBC Card Guardian

GBC Guardian is a new service we are offering to further protect your accounts. This service gives our cardholders the ability to receive text alerts to help identify potentially fraudulent transactions on their GBC debit cards. Cardholders can receive text alerts to their cell phone for their enrolled KeyCard Debit Card, HSA Debit Card, ATM Card & Equiline Debit Card. Multiple devices (up to 10 per card) can be enrolled to receive the alerts.

This service has a complex system for helping to identify transactions that could be fraudulent and functions in addition to our regular fraud department.  Here’s how it works:


When a transaction triggers an alert, a text message is sent to the enrolled phone number describing the transaction.


The text receiver can either:


1)    Ignore the message and this indicates that it is a legitimate transaction, or

2)    If it’s an unauthorized transaction, respond precisely as instructed in the text message. If you respond with anything different than instructed in the text message, the system will not recognize it and your reply will be ignored. 


The system allows the cardholder up to 12 hours to respond. “Do Not Disturb” time can also be set up, during which messages will be held for later reporting. 


To enroll in this service for added protection, just click on the link below and follow the directions.   


As always, please contact your favorite branch should you have questions concerning this and any of our other services.



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